The Highest Quality of Individualised Nursing Care

Maryfield isn’t just a beautiful place to call home – we’re a community and a home with a real heart. A place with love for what we do. ‘Respect the dignity and uniqueness of every individual’ is the philosophy of Maryfield – and you feel it the moment you walk through the door.

We are completely committed to providing the highest quality of individualised, professional care and support for all residents who require low, medium, high and maximum levels of dependency. We accommodate both female and male residents aged 65 and over, with general and dementia care needs and offer a full range of supports, services, therapies and activities.

While our heritage as a nursing home stretches back many years, we have recently begun an exciting new chapter in our story with the move to our beautiful new building. Purpose-built and completed in 2018, the all-new Maryfield combines state-of-the-art with warmth and comfort. A place where architectural design and beautiful surrounds go hand-in-hand with a homely, loving atmosphere.

Residential Nursing Care and Dementia Care

At Maryfield we offer care completely tailored to your requirements.

Maryfield is led by a highly-qualified, experienced Director of Nursing and full management team who are responsible for the day-to-day running of the Home. Our team of professionals includes nurses, care assistants and physiotherapists – while a high-level of all-round service is guaranteed by our household team, activities coordinators, catering and reception staff.

Every team member at Maryfield has a passion for they do – and this translates into extraordinary care and attention and a real personal interest in residents.

Palliative Care

This is specialised end-of-life care – offered when our staff members feel there is a great likelihood that a resident may pass away in the coming months.  

We plan this care soon after the resident is admitted, to ensure there is time for both the resident and their family to put forward their needs and wishes, and make decisions around the care they would like to receive.

This type of care may involve reducing medication, and the resident may spend much of their day in bed. Throughout the care period, the resident is cared for by the nurses at Maryfield who receive input from local GPs and the Hospice Palliative Care Team, as required.

Our Ethos

Maryfield Nursing Home is an important part of the work and outreach of the Poor Servants of the Mother of God.

This is a congregation of Religious Sisters founded by Frances Taylor – and the values or ‘charism’ which informed her work in the 1800s, still leads the heart of our Home today:


  • Respect Every Individual – their choices, needs and opinions.
  • Believe in People – their goodness, value and contribution.
  • Promote a Sense of Belonging – feeling part of a community that values
    its members.
  • Collaborate with Others – together we can do so much more.
  • Respect Difference – that which makes us human and special.
  • Value Diversity – the equality and importance of all.
  • Care for the Most Vulnerable – showing love where its needed most.

Our Approach

Every service we deliver, each care plan we put into action and every support we offer is informed by our person-centred approach. The foundation of this is our unwavering belief in the rights of, and respect for, every individual.

Preserving the dignity of each person we care for is paramount, but this is always combined with a spirit of empowerment. We want each resident to live with as much independence, autonomy and choice as possible to to lead a life that is rewarding, enabling and complete.

Our Story

Venerable Magdalen Taylor, the daughter of an Anglican Vicar, inherited a great love of the poor from her mother. In 1854, she went to the Crimea as a lady volunteer nurse and this experience changed the course of her life. The faith of the young soldiers and the dedication of the Irish Sisters of Mercy inspired her to become a Catholic.

On her return home, she devoted herself to the service of the poor in London. Her work led her to respond to the needs of those around her by founding a new Congregation – the Poor Servants of the Mother of God, with the blessing of Cardinal Manning.

The Sisters worked with those in the most deprived areas of London and Venerable Magdalen Taylor taught her followers to see Christ in each and every person and to treat them with dignity and respect.

Venerable Magdalen’s vision ad spirit continue to inspire the Sisters, the Associates, Staff and Friends of the Congregation who continue the great work started by the Foundress and her early companions.

In 1954 the Poor Servants of the Mother Of God established a home for elderly ladies and a convent in Chapelizod. In tune with the needs of the community, this evolved into a Nursing Home. By 2015 the Congregation made plans to build a new purpose-built nursing home. The work on the all-new Maryfield Nursing Home was completed in 2018.


Come look around our beautiful new home…

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